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Dr. Julia K. Steinberger's Publications

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"Global patterns of material use: a socioeconomic and geophysical analysis." J. K. Steinberger, F. Krausmann, and N. Eisenmenger. Ecological Economics, 69 (5)1148-1158. (link)

"Reducing energy and materials flows in cities." H. Weisz and J.K. Steinberger. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, -accepted.

"Methodology for inventorying greenhouse gas emissions from global cities." C. Kennedy, J. K. Steinberger, B. Gasson, Y. Hansen, T. Hillman, M. Havranek, D. E. Pataki, A. Phdungsilp, A. Ramaswami, and G. Villalba Mendez. Energy Policy,

"Considering the normative, systemic and procedural dimensions in indicator-based sustainability assessments in agriculture." C. R. Binder, G. Feola, and J. K. Steinberger. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 30:71-81. (link)


"Profiting from negawatts: reducing absolute consumption and emissions through a performance-based energy economy" Julia K. Steinberger, Johan van Niel and Dominique Bourg, Energy Policy, 37 (1) 361-370 (link)

"A spatially explicit life cycle inventory of the global textile chain" Julia K. Steinberger, Damien Friot, Olivier Jolliet, Suren Erkman, International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment,14 (5) 443-455. (link)

"Greenhouse gas emissions from global cities." C. Kennedy, J. K. Steinberger, B. Gasson, Y. Hansen, T. Hillman, M. Havranek, D. E. Pataki, A. Phdungsilp, A. Ramaswami, and G. Villalba Mendez, 2009. Environmental Science and Technology, 43:7297-7302.

"Across a Moving Threshold: energy, carbon and the efficiency of meeting global human development needs." Julia K. Steinberger and J. Timmons Roberts, IFF Social Ecology Vienna, Working Paper 114 (pdf).


Review of "Sustainability Indicators – A Scientific Assessment" 2007 Eds Tomas Hak, Bedrich Moldan and Arther Lyon Dahl for the Journal of Industrial Ecology

Comparative review of “Sustainable Energy: choosing among options” (2005) Tester, J. W., Drake, E. M., Golay, M. W., Driscoll, M. J., and Peters, W. A. and “Energy at The Crossroads. Global Perspectives and Uncertainties.” (2003) for the Journal of Industrial Ecology.


"Geburtenkontrolle ist keine Lösung: Ein offener Brief an Hans Hass" Julia K. Steinberger, Verena Winiwarter, Der Standard, November 19 2007 (link to Der Standard, our original letter pdf download).

"Location-specific global product LCI: a textile case study" Julia Steinberger, Damien Friot, Olivier Jolliet, Suren Erkman, Proceedings of Life Cycle Management 2007, Zürich, August 27-29 (download, pdf)

"Sustainability Solution Space using agro-ecological indicators at field level" Nicola Castoldi, Luca Bechini, Julia Steinberger, Claudia Binder, Proceedings of Farming Systems Design 2007, Catania, Italy, September 10-12


"Décarboniser l'économie: comment apprendre à faire plus avec moins d'énergie" Julia Steinberger Entreprise Romande, numéro de Décembre (download, pdf)

"Evaluation des programmes d'action du plan directeur cantonal de l'énergie 2001-2005" Julia Steinberger, Theodora Seal, Thierry Lassueur, report commissioned by the energy agency of the canton of Geneva., Switzerland (link, pdf)

"The role of Information and Communications Technology in crisis management" Paul Currion and Julia Steinberger, solicited chapter in “Faster and More United? - the debate about Europe’s crisis response capacity, European Commission, December 2006 (download, pdf)

2005 "Information and Communication Technology for Peace: the role of ICT in preventing, responding to and recovering from conflict" Daniel Stauffacher, William Drake, Paul Currion, Julia Steinberger, United Nations ICT Task Force Series 11 (link, pdf)

2004 "Progress towards high precision measurements on ultracold metastable hydrogen and trapping deuterium", PhD Thesis, MIT (link, pdf)

2003 "Inelastic Collision Rates of Trapped Metastable Hydrogen" D. Landhuis, L. Matos, S. C. Moss, J. K. Steinberger, K. Vant, L. Willmann, T. J. Greytak, and D. Kleppner, Physical Review A 67, 022718

1999 "Precision Timing of Two Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars" Victoria M. Kaspi , Deepto Chakrabarty , and Julia Steinberger, The Astrophysical Journal, 525:L33-L36 (1999)

1998 "RXTE Observations of PSR J1105-6107" Julia K. Steinberger, Victoria M. Kaspi, Eric V. Gotthelf Astrophysics abstract astro-ph/9809367

1997 "Large Angular Scale Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and the Feasibility of Its Detection" Brian Keating, Peter Timbie, Alexander Polnarev, Julia Steinberger, The Astrophysical Journal, 495:580, 596


2006 Contribution on strategic considerations around fossil fuel exploitation and pipelines to an “Environment and Security” desk study on the East Caspian region for UNEP.

In progress

"Decoupling energy and carbon from human needs." J.K. Steinberger and J.T. Roberts, 2010. Ecological Economics, -submitted.

"Staying Cool in Metro Manila: Energy Reduction Through a Deeper Understanding of Household Consumption." M. Sahakian and J. K. Steinberger, 2010. Journal of Industrial Ecology, -submitted.

"Long-term changes in CO2emissions in Austria and Czechoslovakia – identifying the drivers of environmental pressures" S. Gingrich, P. Kuskova, J. K. Steinberger, 2010.

"Towards a low carbon society: Setting targets for a reduction of global resource use." M. Fischer-Kowalski, F. Krausmann, J. K. Steinberger and R. Ayres, 2010.


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