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November 2010: Conaccount/MFA and Asia-Pacific International Society for Industrial Ecology, Tokyo, Japan

August 2010: International Society for Ecological Economics, Oldenburg/Bremen, Germany

June 2009: Human Ecology conference on Urbanization, Manchester, UK

June 2009: International Society for Industrial Ecology, Lisbon, Portugal

February 2009: Low Carbon Cities in Nagoya, Japan

November 2008: Global contract based on climate justice, Brussels

September 2008: Conaccount on Urban Metabolism in Prague

August 2008: Industrial Ecology Gordon Research Conference, Colby-Sawyer, US

June 2008: Graz Advances in Energy Studies, Austria

April 2008: De-growth in Paris, via Johan Van Niel, presentation on absolute energy consumption reductions, via performance economy approach based on energy services (also something about assessing the total energy necessary to fulfill global human needs).

October 2007: Presentation: “Discussing system boundaries of urban metabolism by considering direct and indirect resource use” jointly with Helga Weisz, Workshop Analysing Stocks and Flows of the Urban Built Environment, Trondheim, Norway

August 2007: Presentation: “LCA for globalized trade: data requirements and challenges from a textile case study”, LCM 2007, Zürich

June 2007: Presentation: “Kyoto targets for growing urban regions: using the case study of Geneva, Switzerland to understand the potential and limits of regional approaches to climate and energy policy implementation”, ISIE 2007, Toronto

April 2007: Invited speaker for round-table «Quel avenir énergétique pour les pays du Sud?», EPFL, organized by Ingénieurs du Monde.

August 2006: Poster “Assessment of Geneva’s Energy Action Programs”, Gordon Research Conference, Oxford

March 2006: Presentation of the ICT4Peace Report at the “ICTs and National Reconciliation Workshop”, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology

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